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INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAM IN LOGISTICS International diploma program in the field of logistics at the International University of Logistics and Transportation in Wroclaw, Poland.Description:The objective of the project "International Diploma Program in Logistics at the International University of Logistics and Transportation in Wrocl...  more
Learning languages abroad – 5 weighty arguments
  • 01
    Source of foreign language
    Permanent practice in everyday life
  • 02
    Professional teacher and native speaker in one
  • 03
    New contacts
    Real-life communication with new friends from various countries
  • 04
    Everyone has its own start
    Groups are divided in accordance with knowledge level
  • 05
    Helping atmosphere
    Study in the midst of native speakers

Организовать своему ребенку обучение за границей – шаг ответственный, решиться на который подчас непросто, ведь стоит лишь задуматься об этом, возникает масса вопросов от изучения языка до обустройства быта. Опять же финансовый вопрос также может вызывать напряжение.


Let's explore the merits of Prague together!


Sunway Taihulight is the most powerful computer ever created! One of them is located in POLAND, the land of IT technologies!


SWPS University, as the first Polish institution, has joined an international organization VITAE, the global leader in supporting the professional development of researchers.


ECC is accepting now applications for BA Degree Scholarship Programms for Fall & Winter semesters in 2016.


ECC announces winter term admission – great chance to start studies even in January, 2016!


Let us introduce you special program CZU TRC in Prague.
Just in 1 year you’ll get British Education Certificate Qualify level 3, which enables you to file documents with any English-language university of the world. 25 global universities guaranteedly accept you right after ending the preparatory program.

I just want you Natalia opa and ECC to know that I consider myself really lucky to have got an opportunity to study here in Warsaw. Thank you very much for your help!...
Hello dear ECC and Mrs.Natalia ! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work you have done over the last months for me.It was a pleasure to meet you and your company in Toshket city, with the help by u I achieved my ideal place in the real life i achieved smt that i was dreamig about which is studying in european university i really liked warsaw and I am really happy in Poland and having a great time with my new european friends. Service is excellent ...

Higher education from European company


European Consulting Center – ECC – unitary coordination center for education in Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Germany, Switzerland, England), USA and Canada.

On our website you can discover the  countries, with which we collaborate, special aspects of their higher education systems, current education programs and language courses, cost of living with list of accommodation, transport and nutrition prices.

Also, you can have a look at current summer and internship programs – great opportunity to spend quality and fascinating summertime in Europe.

ECC has been actively developing since 2006, regularly updating list of current programs.

ECC is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. It has representational offices in Prague and Riga. Due to profitable location in East Europe, today over 50 universities have accredited us to represent their interests in Uzbekistan.

The main purpose of ECC:

  • tell about free and fee paid higher education in Europe, find out talents of each applicant and select the program, which would suit him the best.

Mission of ECC:

  • Competent consulting

We furnish with extensive information about education programs for international students (including full description of our partner universities, current programs and tuition fees).

  • Professional coordination

We support our students (before and after entry) and their parents (visa assistance).

  • Quality professional orientation

We provide the opportunity for our applicants to take guidance tests.

We identify their linguistic level and select the university and program based on the results.

If you are interested in more information or need to get answers to your questions, please, call us at numbers referred on main page or visit our office.

We assist people to open up the possibilities of this world, achieve their desires and bring their talents to light. We inspire our students to set ambitious goals and facilitate them, taking into account their capabilities and resources.