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​Natalya Venopus - Romanova

Руководитель представительства

Iroda Otajonova

Менеджер по Чехии, Польше и Германии

Alisa Terzyan

Менеджер по Латвии, Великобритании и летним программам


Направление: International Relations

Hello, It is a great honour to share my life experince in europe, specificly in Warsaw, Poland. The atmosphere here is very calm and safe. People are very nice and kind not only to each other but to foreigners too. If we come to the weather aspect of centra-north europe territory, it is very cool and windy. The daily life expenditures is very normal in comparison to central asia, more interestingly it is one of the cheapest countries in europe where you can buy things depending on your pocket, you can find the best brands while there are a number of ample affordible things too. In terms of education, the Polish education system has not yet can be the one you can think of England or USA, it makes a bit discrepancy in comparison to Latvian. And make enough deep researches before coming.